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Jane Seybold

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Jane is a phenomenal Healer and Medium. As I sat in the doctor’s office, she was guided to tune into me
and saw that something was terribly wrong, although the doctor did not. She told me to immediately go
to the ER, which I did. I was informed that I was at a critical low on potassium and immediately
hospitalized. She also did energy healing on my body long distance and brought my energy to a higher
level which I felt immediately. Thank you Jane! I credit you with saving my life! Much love…Pam Sears 1/11/2018

 In my amazing reading by Jane many strange images came through but each had an incredible meaning for me ( the Living Client) Especially something so common as shoes? Little did she know before my beloved passed he wanted to walk on dry ground as we  were seeing a travel film on Alaska 15 minutes later I took the faster soggy route and he didn’t want to get his new shoes wet.. He passed on his way back instantly while I waited for him inside. This was his end and it hurt to walk into a CPR nightmare of him unable to be revived. Gone in a flash…Had the shoe issue not come Up I would have been with him his last minutes… somehow divine timing though painful.- Gary Stuart December 2017
​ Dear Jane;
Thank you for doing treatments on my husband who has Dementia ~ Alzheimer’s.  The first day after you did your treatment Bill was so much more alert! He had not been walking much only to the bathroom with assistance.  But after your treatment he wanted to go for a walk!  Which we did, he walked approximately ½ block with his walker.  BIG improvement.  Not only that but his appetite was better after his treatment.  He ate 6 waffles!  Then to top it off he is more lucid, talking and has a sense of humor.    I can’t thank you enough for working with Bill.  A HUGE difference.   Thank You. Lisa ~ Boulder Colorado April 2017

 ​I contacted Jane to get some insight into an ongoing health issue. Her advice, guidance, and insight were invaluable. She also made several predictions about doctor appointments and diagnostic tests that were absolutely true. I cannot thank her enough for her support. She is not only a gifted psychic and intuitive but she is a kind and caring soul. Thank you Jane! I look forward to continuing to work with you as my journey toward healing continues.
HSK May 2016

Jane, you did a reading for me last October at the Pointe Hilton Tapatio Cliffs. Even in that location with lots of activity going on, you received strong messages from my father and my mother. Validation came from my mother as you smelled gardenias, her favorite flower! I certainly never told you that. I volunteered at CYL last November. Carol LeMaster, my friend, encouraged me to participate. And she is the reason I had you do a reading for me in Oct. Thank you for a great reading! I have signed up for your newsletter. My best wishes for a great 2016!  Marilyn Teplitz

​Jane is absolutely amazing! I have met with her three times since my recent husband's passing. Over the course of those visits, Jane shared with me things regarding my husband and my family. She talked about things she absolutely would have no earthly way of knowing. You just couldn't make this stuff up! What I like is Jane tells you what she's feeling, sensing or hearing. She doesn't hold back. If you happen to be at a Psychic Fair and Jane is there I recommend you sit with her. ~ Linda Kovach November 2015

Dear Jane,
I wanted to send you a note to tell you how much I appreciated meeting you this past weekend. I am grateful and honored that you spent so much time teaching me and I am definitely exploring what this means for me and learning to begin to trust the messages I receive.
You are a kind and loving person and I appreciate you.
With love,
Kris Vaughan, CH September 2015

​On May 3, 2015 you changed my life.  I attended a Physic Fair and had a 15 minute reading.  That 15 minute reading opened the door for me to request an hour reading.
February 20, 2015 my friend, companion and partner of almost 40 years passed away.  I was having a very difficult time and the grief was taking over my life.  I did not want to continue on until after your reading.
During the reading, I requested information regarding my friend.  You brought up circumstances that were part of our past and some that I could not remember during the reading but were so true.  The grief is still there and I will probably carry it with me until the day I die.  Your reading has allowed me to see more clearly that life goes on and that my friend is in a better place and waiting for me to join him when it is my time. 
I have already started taking your advice on my future and am feeling more like my old self. 
You have a very special gift and I am thankful that you share that gift with those of us that are in need.  I was at the lowest point of my life and you lifted me up. 
I will always be grateful and thankful for you.   I look forward to future meetings and readings. 
Ron Shoptaugh May 2015

Dear Jane, Thank you so much for the wonderful and very insightful reading. You have an amazing gift and were very accurate about every aspect of my life.
Lori V.

​Hi Jane. Thank you so much for this thoughtful message. I am more and more validated that Scott is with me every second of everyday. As for the symbolism of the hill with him moving slowly up to the crest and then flying down the other side, I must share with you a few details of his passing.
Scott was a cyclist who was training for the El Tour de Tucson bicycle race in November. On September 15, he went on his normal Sunday training ride (45 miles) with cycling team. Mid-way through the ride and after he had just conquered a hill that he had trouble with in the past, he had a massive heart attack and fell off his bike at the bottom of the hill. I spoke with one of his team mates and she explained to me that at the crest of the hill, Scott was so excited and had one of those "Rocky" moments.
On Christmas Eve, I broke my phone and pulled Scott's phone out of my drawer, took it to Sprint and asked them to reactivate it with my number. On his phone, I found this picture. It was taken just 5-10 minutes before he had passed and as you can see, his reflection is in the bottom of the picture. What a wonderful Christmas gift.
​Christine Eisenfeld

My daughter's death in 2005 has haunted my life and my dreams with feelings of guilt and helplessness that have affected my ability to live with a sense of purpose and enjoyment since it happened. I want to thank you for sharing your gift with sensitivity and understanding. I felt a sense of happiness that I haven't enjoyed in nine years. I hope for the opportunity to meet with you again to share with you the story of how the day ended for me. Suffice to say that you opened a door and let a lot of fresh air into my life. I can't thank you enough!!
​Lynn Mueser May 2014

Good evening Jane. I was fortunate enough to meet you today at the metaphysical show. I am so grateful. You looked right through my eyes and saw so many things about who I am, who I hide, and events in my life that not many... if any know about. Thank you so very, very much for such a release. I couldn't believe the flood of emotion and tears that our interaction evoked. I would love to learn and grow from you. Please keep me in mind when you do offer your class... I look forward to expanding and embracing that which has so long confused, scared and dominated my being.
Andrea Khalife

I just wanted to let you know how much it meant to me....... you were spot on. I had to let you know the dog you described "Freckles" with my son passed in February. I made a call to the person that adopted her. Unbelievable! I am so happy she is with my son! Thank you again.
​Gloria Yanko

Jane, I just want you to know what a privilege it has been meeting you and experiencing the two readings you have given me, and I look forward to any future times we might share in an effort to communicate with all my loved ones that have passed. You couldn't have been more spot-on. You gave me validation that my son was present in many ways. You came forth with information that no one but myself or my family could have known.
Just as background to those of you reading this testimonial, nine months ago my son took his life in a terrifying manor. Jane has given me the gift of knowing that no matter what happened that day his spirit is and will always be with me, and that he is fully aware of my life and experiencing what is happening on a day-to-day basis. I have lost many loved ones over my life time, but losing a child is the worst thing I've ever had to endure. I love and miss him so much, it is so impossible to put into words. Before I met Jane I honestly was having trouble breathing, the pain was so devastating. Now, I am trying desperately to grasp the wonderful things that are still in my life, my wonderful loved ones still close to me, and my wonderful friends that support and love me every day and now know that my son is with me as well. I want to share my experiences with Jane so that everyone can feel the comfort, relief and validation that I feel.
She was spot-on describing him as a person, both physically and what is in his heart. He was a wonderful loving son and all that came through in our readings. She described pieces of his childhood up until his death... she couldn't have been more accurate. I also found out through the reading that my son's pets are with him... she described them as well. She shared with me personal messages and things that he is feeling. She made me laugh and she made me cry as his personality came through. He is happy and well and wants me to be at peace and know that he watches over me. These are validations that have made me feel more at peace with what happened and that he is happy. That is all that any parent wants for a child, to be happy. Until we meet again on the other side I now feel I can talk to him and feel him and that he is always listening and there for me.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart Jane!
​Gloria Yanko

​I truly believe things always happen for a reason. When we let you out of your parking space at John Edward's event, I know it was meant to happen. My husband goes to these events with me but has always been skeptical about these things. I love that my reading brought so many messages that pertained to his family over the years. He is looking at things a little differently now. Thanks. My husband has started to talk about it more openly now, so I am pleased with that. You asked me to let you know if things, events, or facts made sense. The only thing that I am still asking family when I call them all over is if they know about the partial missing finger (from a farming accident maybe). That is the only thing we are still checking into. Everything else you mentioned was right on. So reassuring to know we have our loved ones around us. I was very impressed and thank goodness there are people that have your gift, Thank you again,
Darlene H.

Thank you so much for speaking with me today. You helped me a great deal with decisions I had been wavering on and gave me that extra push to help me be less afraid of those choices. Everything you said to me was true and understood. I've started looking at different places that I may be able to volunteer at. The guidance you have given me is invaluable. I'm starting to feel a little better than I have in a long time and have no doubt I will feel even more so once my "ball gets rolling." I will email again and give you an update once things get started. Thank you again. You are a wonderful, beautiful person and I have a great deal of respect for you.
Kara Griffin

Hi Jane. I am laughing as I write this to tell you that the rotten cabbage smell is definitely my husband. My children and I often laugh as we smell his "gas" greetings at the most unexpected times. He had (has) quite a sense of humor. I look forward to seeing you in March. Thank you so much for sharing your gift. Blessings.
Christine Eisenfeld

My reading with Jane was a powerful experience. She was compassionate and insightful. Some of her comments were "spot on". As an example, she identified some specific symptoms my loved one had as a result of a rare disease and behaviors that were unique. Jane accurately discerned that my loved one had given me a particular gift. It was uncanny. I gained a sense of clarity, peace and comfort. I look forward to future readings with Jane.
Kathy S.

My mother passed into Spirit less than a month ago.  Jane recently relayed to me a communication from my mom.  There were many details that were correct and rang true for me and a few things I was unsure about.  There were three items I felt to be powerful and specific proof that this communication was in fact from my mother.  I have always believed that after the death of our physical bodies we continue to live on another plane of existence.  Still, the proof of this and the opportunity to communicate with my mother through Jane was a gift of a lifetime and has touched my heart forever.  I am very grateful to Jane and appreciate greatly her ability to communicate with those we love in Spirit.
​Jannet C.

​​Meeting with Jane changed my life!  I never had a reading done before but always wanted one.  Jane conveyed a message from a deceased relative saying I should work through a personal issue, then she proceeded to tell what that issue was.  I was amazed because this was so true!  I took this message to heart and have started working through it, which really is a healing process.  During our first meeting, Jane told me that I have psychic abilities which come from my maternal side of the family. This validated the experiences I've been having since I was young.  Until my meeting with Jane, I have been so scared of what the next experience might be; however, she has helped me understand that this ability is a gift.  I have since met with Jane several times and she has guided me through my new journey.  I am no longer frightened.
Lyska Welbourne 

​The accuracy that Jane had with some personal issues in my life was very eye opening.  I went into the session with one expectation and came out with a completely different conclusion.  She was precise on the aspects of my life that I was thinking about and with the people who had passed in my life.  I would recommend her to anyone that is a skeptic.
Carla S.

My reading with Jane last time was amazingly accurate.
Zelma D.

The first time I met Jane (in California) she described me moving to the Midwest in order to pursue my goals of going to vet school.  I now live in Utah and I am in my first year of vet school.  Each meeting with Jane has been inspiring and completely accurate.  She has helped me realize my potential and gave me the courage to make changes in my life.  I truly believe the messages that Jane has brought to me has inspired me to explore and try new things that I would have never done before.  Jane has also brought me messages from my grandpa, with whom I was very close.  Her description of him was completely accurate.  I have seen Jane's amazing gift at work over and over again and it never ceases to amaze me.

Nicole Elbert

Thank you for sharing your insightful gifts with me today.  I really enjoyed the reading.  The information you gave about my father was correct.  I am looking forward to scheduling a longer reading in the future.  I will highly recommend you to friends and family who would enjoy your services. Many blessings to you.
Liza in Tucson

​Thank you so much for the reading.  It was what I needed to hear -- and was ready to hear.   I just need to stay focused and on the path with the information I received.   I will be back.  Thanks again! 
Kelly W.

Hi, Jane.  I'm writing because I had a brief reading with you at the Phoenix Fair and I was very impressed with your insights.
Many thanks.
Norma-Jean S.

The session was incredible!  I definitely would recommend Jane for any issues/blockages you might need help resolving.  I really enjoyed the experience and would welcome another!!
Thank you Jane. 
Cate C.


Jane has helped me so much!  She gave me the tough truth when I really needed it and has helped me change my life for the better.  I am healing from past issues and growing into a better and healthier person.  I trust her and know she has only the best interest at heart.  She's got a nice motherly nature and a fun spirit about her.

Anna L.

​A chat with Jane brings the people I loved and miss back for a brief visit.  She astounds me with her ability to pinpoint a person's character, description, personality and events.
Harriet Reid 

“She was very positive and informative.”

“Jane was right on.”

“Very impressed.”

“She could ‘see’  things I did not tell her.”  

“I was not a believer, but she made my heart stop.”

“She was amazing.”


“Right on!”


​“I am not a believer, or I wasn't, but Jane said things only I would know.”

“Jane is wonderful.”  

​“Helped me a lot.” 

“Very good.”

“Very right on.” 

Best reading I have ever had.  You were right on everything... especially when you said to roll up my sleeves because changes were coming.  You got everything right on my dad, “Poncho.”  I have never had my dad come through before.
Linda Magann April 2013

I've always been a skeptic when it comes to people with psychic abilities, that is until I met Jane.  My first experience with her gift was when she spoke of a memory from my past that I had never told anyone... ANYONE. When I called Jane a year later, while I was having some challenges with my love interest at the time, she picked up the phone and said, “Hello, Jamie.”  “How's the boyfriend?” Once again, she felt right through me to the heart of the matter and offered me the most valuable and genuine words of comfort and advice.  It was only because of her gift that I was able to navigate through a situation that could have otherwise been very unpleasant. Jane is the real deal.  She won't pull any punches and she speaks from a place of love and understanding.  I may still be a skeptic about other individuals; however, I trust and believe what Jane shares with every inch of my being.  I only wish I could keep her in my pocket and pull her out every day.  
Jamie T.

​I have been re-united with just about my entire family as well as many friends and loved ones who have left this earth plane.  Jane is precise, evidential and detailed in her readings. 
Mary Beth Lovecchio

​Very accurate reading.
Holly K.

When I was 28 I lost my fiancé to a drug overdose.  He was only 35, his death raised more questions than I had answers for and it shattered my entire world.  Then, I met Jane.  The second we met she looked at me and I got a chill up my spine.  What happened next changed my life forever.  I asked Jane if he was okay.  She smiled at me and said yes.  She told me things that nobody knew except myself and Ryan.  Jane told me that he was pleased with the orchids that I had at his funeral service.  She described his physical appearance down to his tattoos.

There was a story that  nobody knew: about a month before Ryan's death we had gone shopping for a gift for his daughter’s 8th grade graduation.  He had picked out a dragonfly necklace and I talked him into a simple cross pendant.  After his death, I went back to that same store and bought that dragonfly necklace and gave it to his daughter at his service.  Jane told me he was very happy that I bought the dragonfly.  It was amazing.  Our conversation, was the single most amazing experience of my life. It was like a telephone call with heaven.  Jane told me that she kept seeing the word “teddy bear” written down and didn’t understand the reference.  I went home that night and found a picture of Ryan that his grade school girlfriend had given to me at his service; on the back of it was written “My Teddy Bear.” This amazing experience changed my view on death and grief.  I tell my story to whomever will listen, and truly believe in Jane’s amazing gifts and the love and compassion that she shares with others.  I certainly hope that others will find peace in her talents and wisdom. 
Love, Lisa Bacon  

​Jane brought clarification to the passing of my mother.  She was able to see and feel things that only I would know.
Patricia Hudson

I received a message from Jane about a conversation I had with my father before he passed that was very detailed. 

She described my mother's personality accurately and gave me my grandmother's maiden name.  A friend of mine who died four years earlier came through and she described his personality and apparel.  Lastly, she brought through my sister who I identified by her age and medical condition.
Willard Calhoun

​She hit the nail on the head. 
Shanda F.

She described our old white two story home  with kerosene lamp over the table, a tree close to the house and a windmill on the property.   
Verna Calhoun

She said my friends name and described the secret code we made prior to her passing.  It was an amazing message.  
Vickie Gay

During the reading Jane brought through my late husband, specific dates that were accurate and the name “Elvis”  which was only known to me and my late husband. 
V. M.

Jane described my Aunt Patty's personality, character & memories we shared.
​Kristen W.

Jane, I attended your workshop Connecting to the Spirit World, on August 25th and I had an experience that re-activated dormant information.  Your content and presentation were phenomenal.  I am actively working with the flood of information that came forth that day.  I have broke through some blockages and old conditioning.  I wanted to personally thank you! 

​Pam Copple