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Jane Seybold

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Energetic Clearing & Rebalancing


Rescheduling & Cancellation Policy: 

A 24 hour advance notice is required in the event you need to reschedule your appointment.  Cancellations must be done 24 hours in advance of the reading to avoid being charged.  Failing to show for your appointment or call at the scheduled time will result in your credit card being charged the full fee. 

Individual In-Person Readings:  

50 -55 minute reading $200.   Each additional person at the same sitting is $100.  Call for current pricing if travel is required outside the North Phoenix area.

Private Parties:  

Please call or email Jane for rates.

Classes and Workshops:  

Jane teaches classes on Psychic Development and Mediumship.

Use of Cell Phones:  

If you plan on using a cell phone, make sure you're in a place where you get clear continuous reception.  If during the reading the reception starts breaking up, the reading may have to end. 

Land Lines:  

If there is a bad connection, or an echo, you'll be asked to take your phone off speaker.


Psychic readings, Mediumistic readings, energetic re-balancing and clearings with Jane.

Jane does not dispense medical advice.

Any and all information presented in a psychic, mediumistic, energetic re-balancing and clearing is NOT intended to replace any psychological, legal, medical or other professional advice or services directly or indirectly. All information from a psychic reading, mediumistic reading or energetic re-balancing and clearing is guidance and is spiritual in nature and is to be used for personal development purposes only.  

Private sessions, in-person, on the radio, by email, text or on the telephone, should not be considered a form of therapy or a substitute for licensed medical care. The intent of Jane is to only to offer intuitive and spiritual information that is self-help in nature and is to be used with discretion and at your own risk.

Psychic readings, mediumistic readings, energetic re-balancing & clearings with Jane, she shall be held harmless and not liable for any any and all statements, services and materials offered on this website, in person, by telephone, text or via radio broadcasts and shall not be held liable for their use.

Jane Renner Seybold, LLC shall not be held liable. Clients must be 18 years old.



Psychic Reading:

Jane will start by "tuning in" and telling you what she is picking up energetically.  She'll look at your past to see what has taken place, what is currently going on, and what will likely manifest in your near future.

If you're struggling with issues, the information from a psychic reading can provide insight and clarity on why things aren't working and it can validate information you already know which can aide you in the decision making process.

Mediumistic Reading:

Jane works with her guides to bring you messages from loved ones in the Spirit World.  She will begin by linking with your loved one as she strives to provide you with proof that your loved one is really communicating with you.  This can consist of a physical description of the person, their personality, how they transitioned, names, fond memories, where they lived, family members, birthdays or anniversaries.   

If you have unanswered questions or concerns about the passing of a loved one, connecting with them can be healing, empowering and can help to provide closure.  It's truly a gift to realize that your loved ones are always with you and and that love never dies.  

How do you prepare for your reading?

  • Be well rested and relaxed.
  • Be open and positive.
  • Be in a space that is free from noise and distraction.
  • For psychic readings, have a list of questions or topics you would like Jane to address.
  • In a mediumistic reading you may be looking for certain information to validate your loved one.  Please keep an open mind because there are no guarantees on who will come through or how the information will unfold.  Your loved ones will convey what they feel is important to communicate.  Jane is simply the messenger. 

To Schedule Your Reading:  (Please read carefully.)

Call 480-309-0663 to schedule an appointment for your reading.  All appointments are scheduled in Arizona time.  If you are calling from out of state, adjust your scheduled time accordingly.  If you reach voicemail, please leave a message and either Jane or Rick will return your call within 48 hours, or you can email Jane at: Info@janeseybold.com

Phone & Skype Readings

15 minute psychic reading $60

30 minute psychic reading $100

​50 - 60 minute psychic reading and/or connection to Spirit World $200.

Telephone readings will be invoiced with all the necessary information for your scheduled reading. Once the invoice has been paid you will be confirmed on Jane's calendar. All readings are in Mountain Standard Time so please adjust accordingly if you are out of state or the country.


Prepayment is necessary to confirm your appointment.