Jane Seybold 

Psychic & Certified Evidential Medium

Jane's psychic and mediumistic abilities manifested at an early age.  Sensitive to people's energies she would often know how people were feeling despite what they were saying.  When Jane was seven years old her deceased grandmother visited her which left a lasting positive impression which later would prove to be instrumental in following her path as a Psychic Medium.

Raised in a Catholic family, she attended twelve years of parochial school education and the teachings of Catholicism left her angry, confused and conflicted.  For many years Jane struggled with trying to come to terms with her gifts.

A late bloomer, Jane began to develop her gifts in her 40's after she attended her first meditation class.  From there, she began to explore Psychic Development and Mediumship. Today, Jane is a Psychic & Certified Evidential Medium, Medical Intuitive,Ordained Minister, National Spiritualist Teacher and a Reiki Master.. 


Jane Seybold

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